Migrating from On Premise to the Cloud – The Right Way with Office 365

Migrating from On Premise to the Cloud – The Right Way with Office 365

The prospect of migrating from on-premises infrastructure to cloud-based infrastructure is intimidating.

Sure, there are productivity gains to be realized as users can consume, create, and share data more easily, or collaborate with multiple users on almost any device from virtually anywhere.

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How to manage Apple in a Microsoft World

New devices and OS adoption in the enterprise is booming. In one example, one of the largest premium Exchange hosting providers discovered that 57% of ActiveSync activations were to iPhones and 21% were to iPads. Apple’s Mac Business sales grew 51% at the end of 2011. You are likely looking to accommodate these devices in your organization if you aren’t already. What you may not know is how well all of these devices can work with your Microsoft network and applications.

Did you know that over the last few releases Apple has added the following features: DFS Support, Profile Server, Captive Network Detection, Cisco VPN… to name a few? Did you know that you can use Microsoft System Center 2012 platform Configuration Manager to manage your mobile devices? [Read more…]

eBook: Get wise with your network energy management [Cisco]

In the United States more than 70 percent of electricity consumed is used in offices. Lighting, heating and cooling systems, telephones, printers and desktop computers all consume energy even when they aren’t being used. The IT industry alone generates 2 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and of that 2 percent a quarter is from office buildings.

Considering the effect office buildings have on our environment it’s clear that something needs to be done differently when managing office space. [Read more…]