Everything you need to know about Cisco’s new UCS Mini

Cisco launched the UCS Mini for SMB'sMedia outlets are saying Cisco’s just-announced UCS Mini is the ‘blade runner’ of hyper-convergence, that Cisco just upped its UCS server game and that it’s the first truly disaggregated server in the world. So what is UCS Mini and why should you care?

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Citrix’s NetScaler: The First ADC to Integrate with Cisco’s Nexus Fabric

Citrix's NetScaler: The First ADC to Integrate with Cisco's Nexus Fabric

On April 8th, Citrix announced a collaboration with Cisco that produced the first application delivery controller (ADC) with integration into the Cisco Nexus fabric. Read on to find out what this means for you, and why you should care.

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