Do you believe in magic? You do if you have a Mac or an iPad. [Apple]


Two years ago this month Apple introduced what Steve Jobs called a “magical” device. But if you let go if it in mid-air, will it magically float? (Don’t try this without one of these cases)

I’m more of a Penn & Teller fan myself, I’m interested in what REALLY happens behind the scenes of  “magic” show. After all, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. So let’s look at the hidden wires and plexi-glass holding the iPad up in mid-air.

Wifi and Networking – of course there are no actual wires attached to an iPad (unless to charge or sync) as it’s designed to be the ultimate mobile and portable device. Wifi Networks are crucial in enabling the magic experience, and secure ones at that. Sure, you may have Wifi in your workplace, but in the past you just needed Wifi in the boardrooms and the odd exec office to support laptops. Now people want to use their iPads everywhere – do you have wall to wall coverage? Can the network itself handle all these new always-connected devices? Is your network secure inside and outside the company walls? Do you have a robust VPN in place that’s supported by iOS out of the box (Cisco or Juniper)? Perhaps it’s time for a Softchoice Network Assessment to ensure that your network is ready[Read more…]

Optimize your network with due-diligent security controls [McAfee]

Most companies already have some form of protection against cyber-threats and malware, such as anti-virus software. But the threat landscape changes at warp speed, and it’s hard to keep up with the latest threats, and even harder to manage a diverse set of security tools.

One solution you might want to consider in your security toolkit is a Network Intrusion Prevention System, or IPS, which is an out-of-the-box hardware- and software-based system that helps take the guesswork out of security.

Not only does an IPS solution protect against the latest threats — including malware, botnets and denial-of-service attacks — it also streamlines security operations and can even unify network security management across physical and virtual environments.

If the current solution you have in place is causing more management headaches than peace of mind, you might want to consider IPS. Here’s why: An IPS solution inspects network traffic in near real time, identifying attacks using known vulnerabilities, as well as attack patterns with unusual activity. Not only can an IPS solution help prevent attacks on your data, it can also provide proactive protection for unpatched systems and zero-day attacks. [Read more…]

Know your network: Softchoice’s Network Discovery Assessment

Knowing the status of your network assets can greatly improve business up-time and help you anticipate issues long before they occur. That’s why we created Softchoice’s Network Discovery Assessment – an end-to-end process designed to give you practical, actionable insights into the most complicated networking challenges.

Step 1: Discovery
It all begins with inventory. Either by leveraging your existing network management investments or by deploying one of several network discovery options, Softchoice collects, organizes and presents a digestible overview of your network from top to bottom.

Step 2: Analysis & issue identification
Next we uncover the status of your maintenance coverage, the lifecycle of network devices and any other equipment and configuration issues. We focus on the areas that require attention without subjecting you to “analysis paralysis.” With Softchoice Axis, our online IT Asset Management portal, understanding the complexities of your network has never been easier.

Step 3: Recommend and act
Once we identify the issues affecting your network, the next step is to act on the findings. Whether you want to do this yourself, or you’re looking for help from an on-site resource, Softchoice can help. From easing maintenance management, charting equipment replacement strategies or optimizing your network, Softchoice can design, deliver and even deploy the right solution for you.

Discover your options
The first step is speaking with a Softchoice representative to find out if this web-based assessment is right for you. Get in touch today to request a discovery call with one of our technology experts.