Why you should automate Active Directory [ NetApp ]

More than ever, organizations rely on Active Directory to facilitate the flow and control of information. But keeping Active Directory secure is another question all together and has become a constant – if not essential – challenge businesses must face.

Automating Active Directory administration can help address the challenges and exposures associated with native management, security, and administration of Active Directory, such as:

  • Lack of proper change controls – including the lack of separate development, test, and production environments, as well as an inability to easily rollback changes made in production
  • Weak default security settings – over Active Directory and its infrastructure
  • Difficulty in granting granular permissions – to users based on specific business needs
  • Insufficient reporting on Active Directory – to manage security and demonstrate compliance
  • Poor auditing capabilities – including an inability to detect and alert on unauthorized or sensitive changes in real time

Today’s organizations are looking for a solution that provides automation of time-consuming Active Directory administration tasks and user self-service, while still enforcing policy compliance and security controls.

Solving the Problem: [Read more…]

Going from 1,600 cables to 28 in your Data Center [NetApp]

NetApp & Softchoice helped an Atlanta-based company virtualize

Like many growing companies, a Softchoice customer specializing in printing supplies was relying on a hosted data center to enable efficient operations. But when costs and power usage continued to mount, the company needed to do something different.

The Atlanta-based organization partnered with Softchoice to build a virtualized dynamic data center that would use far less power and space – dramatically reducing their costs.

Softchoice recommended NetApp due to its native support of Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) giving the customer an end-to-end solution that allowed them to: [Read more…]