Evaluating Egnyte’s Cloud Storage Solution

Evaluating Egnyte's Cloud Storage Solution

The consumer space is already crowded with Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and services such as Dropbox. But it’s the same story in the SMB and Enterprise markets. Those same consumer-centric solutions are muscling into the IT department with offerings like Dropbox for Teams, joining the war with enterprise-focused brands such as Egnyte.

On top of this complexity, picking the right cloud solution for a business can have far greater consequences versus picking where a consumer stores his or her personal data. This is your business on the line, so finding the best solution is key.

The good news is, with the proper framework and upfront analysis, you can simplify the task of selecting a cloud service provider. To get the most clarity, IT departments should break down their decision into five key areas.

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Growing Pains: High Availability Storage Starting Under $8,000 [NetApp]

One constant for every company is that if the business expands, so does the need for storage. It’s like a teenager out-growing his clothes every year; you love to see him grow, but spending more money for clothes can have a negative impact on your budget. Just like outgrowing a wardrobe, outgrowing storage can be expensive, and making sure you’re getting the best possible performance without compromising on price is an unwelcome chore.

When comparing storage solutions, it always seems to come down to the same criteria: price for performance. Limited budgets and resources, like ever-increasing Windows data, storage infrastructure needs and server virtualization, often means less money left in the budget for innovation.

A powerful storage platform on a shoestring budget

Fortunately for growing pains everywhere, the NetApp FAS2220 storage appliance offers a unified storage system starting at under $8,000. This new entry-level system offers: [Read more…]

10 things you need to know about onCommand Storage Management [NetApp]

Migrating from a physical to a virtual environment can be a pain in the infrastructure. Fortunately, NetApp OnCommand System Manager and OnCommand Balance (formerly Akorri BalancePoint) can help you manage your virtual environment and optimize VMware performance. System Manager provides simple, yet powerful out-of-the-box management of NetApp storage systems while Balance enables administrators to troubleshoot performance issues.

What makes NetApp OnCommand different? Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about OnCommand:

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