Endpoint security: beyond protection


Think your endpoint security is enough to guard against today’s advanced targeted attacks? You may need to think again.

In security circles, endpoint protection has been “old news” for a few years. There’s no doubt it’s needed, but many companies—facing the veritable onslaught of malicious attacks from an increasing number of vectors—have logically stepped back and looked at the bigger security picture, turning to technology to secure the network as a whole (and often the cloud). A holistic view of security is smart, but is it time to once again look closer at securing the endpoint?

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vROPs and NSX unlikely heroes in security and Compliance: Part 1

VMware NSX and vROPs for Security

This is Part 1 of a 2-part series. Read Part 2 here.

Softchoice VMware expert David Schwartzstein shows us how VMware products vROPs and NSX are the unlikely heroes that will improve the monitoring and maintaining of security in your IT environment. In this first post, David reveals how invested VMware is in security, and how to benefit from their security expertise.

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How to Guard Against The #1 Productivity Killer In Workplaces

How to Guard Against The #1 Productivity Killer In Workplaces

If you’ve ever had your workplace brought to a screeching halt because of network performance issues, you’ll know that those lost minutes of productivity can truly become an issue over time. IT users in particular can suffer the most lost time when it comes to network issues — around two or three full working days per year.

From lost productivity minutes to a poor user experience, network issues can have far-reaching consequences, and call for decisive solutions. Enter SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM), their robust and full-featured network monitoring software that will meet the needs of any organization.

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