Enable a Mobile Workforce With The Dell Latitude 7380

Dell Latitude 7380

I recently quit my job. It was a Director role, where I singlehandedly brought in one of the largest sales my department had seen in years. Plus, I was making great money for my age.

I loved the team I managed and was gaining the respect from the agency’s 200+ clients. I experienced both personal and career growth. But believe it or not, one of the aspects of my role that I hated, and contributed to my decision to leave, was the inability to work outside of the office. It wasn’t a mobile friendly environment.
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Three key reasons why PlayBook 2.0 makes good business sense [RIM]


Our post on the Playbook last year  brought some thought-provoking responses from our readers. There were definitely a few things missing from the original Playbook, and with the recent launch of Playbook 2.0, RIM has introduced a number of innovations that end-users have been asking for – and should make IT managers happy.

1. Email and Social Media Integration
A new interface integrates email and social media — like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn — into one feed view. Social networking is tightly woven into the fabric of PlayBook, as is extensive push email support. What that means is a salesperson preparing for a meeting could look up that contact and easily access all the relevant information like LinkedIn and Twitter status updates, meeting notes and email history.

2. Better Browsing
The PlayBook’s browser, according to several industry reviews, is one of the fastest browsers out there. It works with Flash and HTML5, and includes a native Reading Mode feature that strips down ads and excess formatting on pages.

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