Look Before Your Azure Leap


Using Veeam Direct Restore to Test/Dev your Azure migration

Want to migrate core workloads to Azure, but uncertain of risks and costs? Fear not!

The answer to your worries can be found in one of the last places you might expect: a backup and restore solution. Specifically, Veeam Direct Restore to Microsoft Azure, part of Veeam Availability Suite 9.5.

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Running on empty with Windows Server 2003? How to start your migration

Intel odometer blog image

It finally happened: in July this year Microsoft discontinued support for its enduringly popular Windows Server 2003. If they weren’t before, the alarm bells should be ringing now for organizations still running on this now-outdated and vulnerable platform – especially because critical patches and fixes for new vulnerabilities will no longer be provided.

Fortunately, there’s help at hand.

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IBM N-Series is end of life. The good news, and the bad news


Many of our clients have reached out to us to discuss the dissolution of the IBM N-series Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) relationship with NetApp, a partnership that dates back to 2005. Mostly they’re asking us a lot of questions about how these changes affect existing N-series arrays support contracts, the ability to add additional disk capacity in the short term, and ongoing maintenance contract support in the future. We’ve been involved with this partnership from day one, and have shared the following good (and bad news).

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