Microsoft Exchange Online – Make the Move to Cloud Through Collaboration

Microsoft Exchange Online - Making the Move to Cloud Through Collaboration

Many of our clients want to make the move to Microsoft Exchange Online, for a number of reasons. They want to give their end-users the collaborative power of the cloud, the flexibility to access their data anywhere, and up-to-the-minute access to the latest updates. In short, they want their email service to keep up with the pace of the new mobile workforce.

However, there are a few potential issues that tend to give our clients pause. [Read more…]

The Right Idea for Your Cloud-Computing Needs [Microsoft]

With increasingly rich applications and a growing capability to store, manage and organize data, the power of the PC and mobile devices has grown exponentially. But these enhancements pose three critical challenges to IT departments: protecting the reliability of the IT infrastructure, developing solutions that add value to the business, and providing the end-user the flexibility and accessibility that is expected in the world we live in today.

Especially with today’s economy, the biggest challenge IT departments face is budget. Roughly 70% of IT budgets go to maintaining existing systems, leaving only 30% for development of new solutions.

Enter Software-plus-Services.

To tackle these challenges, cloud computing – or internet-based hosted services – is fast becoming a favored solution.

When it comes to cloud computing software applications, the Software-as-a-Service’ or SaaS model is when a provider licenses a hosted software application to customers for a service on demand. But there are limitations to the SaaS model, including limited feature functionality of the application, required internet connectivity, backup and synchronization of data and speed and accessibility of the application. So it is important to first make several key considerations when looking at cloud-based solutions, such as: [Read more…]