Managing and securing iPads in one easy lesson [Apple]

Managing and securing iPads in one easy lesson

Tablets are de rigueur in the offices everywhere with executives and gadget junkies alike sizing up their options for tablets. However, with all the hoopla has also been a lot of debate about the tablet’s place in the enterprise with a particular eye on the iPad. Admittedly many of the hundreds of thousands of apps are designed for personal use, but increasingly business apps  are popping up making this once personal device a good candidate for business as well.

There are two key concerns for IT when sourcing a tablet: management and security. These can mean the difference between a great investment and a disaster (especially if it involves data leakage.)

First, remote management is essential if you want to protect confidential company data (especially if the iPad is in the possession of a member of your leadership team) in the event of loss or theft. Having the ability to remotely wipe a lost device can save a ton of headache for you in the future. Organizations on Microsoft Exchange can leverage ActiveSync to manage their mobile devices. Those looking for a richer solution should look at a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution like Symantec Client Management Suite, McAfee EMM or Sophos Mobile Control. MDMs will let you manage any device brought into your environment, which means no extra training or set-up will be required if new devices are connected to your network.

Second, security is crucial for any device being brought into your environment and it’s a fallacy that iPads aren’t secure as other tablets as mentioned in a recent blog post. The latest offering of iOS brings a solid and secure platform for mobile devices with password protection, disk-level encryption  and a unique technology that “sandboxes” applications to ensure that they can’t access other apps unless they use core APIs provided by iOS. This means that apps downloaded by the user will not be able to run or interract with other apps unless they are “Apple approved.”

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Mobile device management is easier with Symantec

Symantec Mobile Device Management

Gone are the days when everyone was armed with a company-issued Blackberry that could easily be managed through the Blackberry Enterprise Server. These days, consumerization of IT is a trend that’s saddling many companies with a variety of manageability issues. After all, IT just can’t have the breadth of knowledge required to manage it all – iPhones, Androids, PlayBooks and webOS devices.

It also carries the burden of supporting and enforcing user productivity. Mobile applications need to connect to the enterprise back-end and vice-versa. Mobile devices are becoming more and more sophisticated, providing greater corporate access and storing even more data. Add to that, many organizations are under PCI or HIPPA regulations, which may be extended to mobile devices, and it’s clear that a framework needs to be developed to address all these issues and safely allow communication between networks and devices.

Symantec’s Mobile Management does just that – addressing these concerns and enabling organizations to embrace mobile computing while enforcing governance, securing corporate data and gaining visibility and control over all mobile platforms. Administrators finally have the ability to centrally define and distribute security policies to devices over-the-air using the device’s native security technology instead of adding security technology to the device itself.

“Symantec’s mission is to secure people and information through identity, protection and context, and our broad approach to mobile security and management is a key extension of protection for all of our customers,” says Symantec’s Group President, Enterprise Products, Francis deSouza. “By providing mobile security and management for smart devices, we’re making it easier for enterprises to allow their employees to use their device of choice without putting corporate data at risk.”

There are four key areas where Symantec really shines:

  1. Device management allows application updates and patches to be performed without needing the device physically present. Management can also be integrated with help desk for user support as well as remote wipes.
  2. Device security prevents unauthorized usage of the device and features enforcement policies around password protection. It’s peace of mind so the device doesn’t fall prey to data loss.
  3. Content security uses application control to guard against malware and protect data from unauthorized usage.
  4. Identity and access provides access to the right resources from the right devices with the right postures through authentication and authorization for access to enterprise applications and resources.

Does your organization need a mobile device management solution?

Mobile devices offer exciting new possibilities in the office, on the road or anywhere people are getting their jobs done. Our team of security experts are always here to help you.