Endpoint security: beyond protection


Think your endpoint security is enough to guard against today’s advanced targeted attacks? You may need to think again.

In security circles, endpoint protection has been “old news” for a few years. There’s no doubt it’s needed, but many companies—facing the veritable onslaught of malicious attacks from an increasing number of vectors—have logically stepped back and looked at the bigger security picture, turning to technology to secure the network as a whole (and often the cloud). A holistic view of security is smart, but is it time to once again look closer at securing the endpoint?

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Do you manage a security point product zoo?

McAfee Intel Security Connected

Purchasing the best-of-breed solutions in each security category has left many IT teams managing disparate tools. Now, IT managers feel more like they are managing a zoo, than a well connected security posture.

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How Will You Handle a Cyber-Attack? What to Do When You’re Under Fire

How Will You Handle a Cyber-Attack? What to Do When You're Under Fire

You likely use security event management tools to gather, organize and report on security data in your environment. The trick is traditional management processes are manual, costly, and limited in scalability. How does your current solution make it easy for you to work together to diagnose and fix issues? In this post, I discuss why Softchoice likes McAfee’s Enterprise Security Manager, and what you can do to ensure you will react efficiently when threats place your environment under fire. [Read more…]