4 Reasons Your Business Needs Managed Print Service

4 Reasons Your Business Needs a Managed Print Service

Managing a fleet of printers is one of the least favorite jobs for an IT Manager. Softchoice Help Desk Manager, Shawn McCoubrey, put it best:

“Troubleshooting a printer is not a technical thing – its a wasted resource. Things like replacing toner – anyone can do that, especially in this day and age. Our IT department must do things we actually add value to.”

His sentiments were reflected in a recent research study by SIM, which surveyed over 1,000 IT professionals in North America to uncover their leading IT management concerns. The top 10 list included:

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How a Managed Print Service Saved Softchoice Money (and IT Headaches)

How a Managed Print Service Saved Softchoice Money (and IT Headaches)

At Softchoice, we understand how cumbersome and frustrating print management can be. Before we switched to a Managed Print Service (MPS), our IT department was responsible for managing over 200 printers, all across the US and Canada.

Managing, maintaining and supporting these printers felt like it was an all-consuming task. Our IT guys regularly had to drop whatever they were working on when a user called to complain about a printer that was out of toner or wasn’t working properly.


Sound familiar?

Fortunately, we found a solution that solved this headache, and now lets our team focus on more strategic endeavors.

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Start Saving Serious Cash On Your Printing Costs [HP]

Start Saving Serious Money

If only that old multi-function printer down the hall could be used to print money – legally speaking of course – maybe we’d pay a bit closer attention to how it contributes to the bottom line.

But as it stands, most organizations under-value the impact printing, scanning, copying and faxing has on their finances. Perhaps because managing these environments can quickly get complicated, many organizations aren’t fully aware of what they are actually spending, or whether their workforce is using that hardware efficiently or properly.

Continue reading to see how much you can save on your print fleet.

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