Stranger Threats: How to defeat the spooky world of advanced malware

Season two of Netflix’s blockbuster sci-fi show Stranger Things wasn’t written by IT security pros — but there’s enough overlap to make you wonder.

From scary creatures breaching into our world because of a few stupid humans to using an all-knowing “spy” to watch the bad guys and predict future attacks… if you squint enough, you can see the show as a metaphor for the advanced security. It might even give you some inspiration for what you can do to stay safe!

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Zika is not the only virus threatening Olympic spectators

Dell security zika virus olympics

It’s August 5, 2016 and you settle down at your computer to watch the Olympic opening ceremony. You have no fear of catching the Zika virus, unlike the thousands of people in Rio. Feeling safe, you navigate to the official broadcast site of the games and click on Watch the Olympics live…

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A brief history of ransomware: from fins to wings

ransomware fortinet evolution softchoice

The FBI recently published a report claiming that ransomware victims paid out over US$209 million just in the first quarter of 2016, compared to US$24 million for all of 2015. Ransomware has very quickly become the most fashionable malware on the market, flooding the threat landscape in ways never seen before. We are seeing new strains of ransomware almost every single day.

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