6 Things Every Smart IT Manager Knows About Mac Security


Many people believe the Mac® is more secure than PCs, and that hackers don’t waste time on them. Forrester has even reported that a Mac is “more secure than a Windows machine,” as “historically there have been relatively few intrusions on a Mac.”

However, the Mac has become commonplace in the enterprise and 50% of businesses now issue them to employees. This means the Mac is becoming an attractive target.

According to a Kaspersky Security Bulletin, the main reason why cyber-criminals are targeting the Mac is because “Apple® products are popular with many influential politicians and prominent businessmen, and the information stored in the devices owned by these people is of interest to a certain category of cyber-criminal”.

While Mac OS X® has strong built-in security features, there are six specific things smart IT managers already do to protect their organizations from breaches and data loss – without investing in expensive security solutions to get started.

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The 3 Things You Must Do Before the Mac Invades your Enterprise


Due to the growing demand for Apple products, more companies have given the green light on to the Mac. Forrester has estimated that almost 50% of North American and Western European companies now issue a Mac to their employees. Our “How to Decide if Your Organization is Apple-Ready” infographic also highlights a number of factors that are driving the enterprise Mac invasion.

Although more professionals are using the Mac for work, many IT departments fail to include them in their managed fleets. If you do the bare minimum when it comes to managing your company’s Mac fleet, you may face security breaches, data loss and difficulty providing Mac users with prompt help desk support.

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