Logitech Takes Video Conferencing to the Next Level

We’re excited to announce two new Logitech Video Collaboration offerings. The first adds intelligent automation to video meetings, and the second is a new video conferencing portfolio that that raises the bar for USB-connected conference cams.

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McLaren Searches for the Best Racing Talent in eSports

Last year Logitech G teamed up with McLaren to identify the best all-around racer in eSports with a program titled, World’s Fastest Gamer. It was an exciting ride that spanned 78 countries and 7 months to identify who really is the fastest gamer. The prize – a job at McLaren. That’s why we’re so excited to team up with them again this year on Shadow Project.

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A Camera That’s Actually Designed for Huddle Rooms

Today,  we announced Logitech MeetUp, our premier conference cam designed specifically for small conference rooms and huddle rooms. What makes MeetUp stand out from all the other video conferencing solutions in the market today is that it was purpose-built from the ground up with small meeting rooms and huddle spaces in mind.

As businesses move to open floorplans, huddle rooms are becoming increasingly common. So much so that research firms GartnerNemertes, and Wainhouse are writing dedicated reports about these modern collaboration spaces. Clearly, there’s a market opportunity there. We’ve watched a number of our competitors go after this space with stripped-down versions of their existing room systems. [Read more…]