So A Chameleon And A Penguin Walk Into A Bar… [SUSE]


So a chameleon and a penguin walk into a bar...

Before I discuss Linux and SAP, I want to quickly recap what I’ve already covered in the Advisor blog. The first two posts looked at the importance of high availability and the tools available to get there. As part three, this post focuses on an example of how mission-critical applications fit with Linux – specifically SAP.

First and foremost, downtime means data loss. Subsequently, data loss means recovery times keep profits down. Accidental or malicious data loss, unplanned system outages, user error, hardware theft or failure, power failure, software failure, fire, flood, earthquakes, landslides, hurricanes, tidal waves and tornadoes can all wreak havoc on business data. To quote a previous post about backup and recovery for SAP applications,

“In short, no matter how you have backed up your mission critical applications, you still have downtime…If you have clear answers to RPO [Recovery Point Objective] and RTO [Recovery Time Objective] for your critical apps, then you realize these apps need to be highly available.”

So you get the whole data loss and business continuity thing. Have you considered how the OS on your servers affect the performance of your SAP applications? In this post, I’ll discuss the high-availability benefits to choosing an open source Linux Enterprise Server.

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