Networking Security Is More Important Than Ever For Medical Professionals [Cisco]

Networking Security Is More Important Than Ever For Medical Professionals

  • A single spreadsheet, containing the names and birthdays of your customers, accidentally published by a contractor. Cost: $20 million.
  • Unencrypted backup tapes with over 20 years of data, lifted from the back of a truck. Cost: $4.9 billion.
  • The hindsight of needing a better compliancy plan: absolutely worthless.

This is no MasterCard commercial. It’s just a few stand-out lawsuits that have erupted in the last year against healthcare providers, where an alleged slip-up on handling sensitive data may have led to devastating fines.

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Continue reading to see how healthcare is adopting new compliancy solutions.

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Put Some ISE On Those BYOD Security Pains [Cisco]

Put Some ISE On Those BYOD Security Pains

There’s no denying it: employee-owned mobile devices, with frequent off-site network access, are the new normal for the next generation of workers.

Although adoption of BYOD programs is steadily climbing, security concerns for IT leaders continue to deepen. A 2012 Forrester survey of senior IT executives confirms security is their Number 1 concern regarding BYOD. And a 2012 Economist Intelligence Unit study cited corporate security as the biggest obstacle to implementing BYOD.

Making matters worse, yesterday’s mobile-access security solutions created in the past, no longer apply to today’s ubiquitous mobile-worker environments. There is simply too much complexity for legacy mobile device management (MDM) technology to deliver the functionality needed to protect corporate data and deliver the right user experience.

What companies need now is a security solution built with the challenges of today’s BYOD implementations in mind. This is where solutions such as Cisco’s Identity Services Engine (ISE) come into play.

Continue reading to get details on how Cisco is addressing this space, and find out more about a Mobility Webinar I’ll be hosting in December.

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