Is the iPad Mini the ideal tablet for business? [ Apple ]

Is the iPad Mini the ideal tablet for business?

Beyond the fact that it’s a brilliant product for consumers, the new iPad Mini may be the ideal device for those “hard to reach places” in the business world. Already we’re hearing it fits nicely into a lab coat pocket exciting doctors and scientists around the world. But what other fields could the iPad, in any form, find it’s way into that hasn’t already been tried? Your first step on this journey starts with Softchoice and our upcoming webinar series on Security, Deployment and Management of Apple devices for your workforce.

There’s no shortage of inspiring stories of businesses incorporating iPads into their environment for productivity. However some businesses are still barely tolerating iPads, rather than encouraging their use. The iPad Mini’s form factors will attract a lot of users, but is there a way for IT to both manage AND promote iOS devices in one fell swoop? [Read more…]