Better Processors Optimizing the Data Center [Intel]

Over the next five years, a billion more people will be using the internet with an estimated 15 billion connected devices and untold more visual and interactive content, increasing the internet’s data footprint to over 1,000 Exabytes – or (get used to hearing this term a lot more) – 1 Zettabyte.

This trifecta of more users, more devices and more data will inevitably escalate demands on IT and data centers, posing some daunting infrastructure challenges in terms of performance, efficiency and cost.

Wanted: more powerful and integrated engines.

And that means that, at the heart of the next-generation data center and everything related to it – from enterprise infrastructure to workstations to cloud installations, storage systems and high performance computing that will be expected to “just work” – will have to be more flexible, powerful engines to keep things humming. [Read more…]

4 principles for right-sizing physical servers in your virtual environment. [ Intel ]

It’s not just important to adopt the right virtualization software, it’s critical to consider and choose the right hardware. The wrong choices won’t just diminish your returns, they may also limit future options as you try to further expand your virtualized environment. But deploy the right servers with processors that deliver power for your virtualized world and you’ll see a very real – and very positive – impact on your consolidation ratios, your total cost of ownership, the performance, efficiency and availability of your business applications and the flexibility of your data center.

The way Softchoice sees it, there are four basic principles to consider when choosing the right hardware for your virtual environment: [Read more…]

Get better performance and management in one shot. [ Intel ]

As businesses become borderless, their mobile workforce is growing and demanding tools and technology that provide employees the performance they need to run the latest applications and maximum mobility. That’s placing heavier demands on infrastructure performance, security and remote manageability.

But while performance, mobility, and security often suck all the oxygen out of the room in discussions about the right client platform, it’s often day-to-day manageability issues that have the most noticeable impact on user experience, downtime and productivity. For instance, consider: [Read more…]