5 Big Cyber Threats vs.1 Bigger Threat-buster [Symantec]

From monitoring the competition to downloading music, the Web has become a integral part of our work and personal lives. While it has helped make us more productive and informed, it has also exposed us and the organizations we work for to mounting security threats.

In fact, according to the Symantec Internet Security Threat Report, the Web and Web applications have become the primary source of malware infections with the number of Web-based attacks nearly doubling in 2010.

One (not so) fun way this is happening is via so-called SEO poisoning, where hackers set up malware sites to show up in Google searches of trending news topics, like the Olympic Games or the death of a celebrity, tricking unsuspecting surfers into clicking their links and spreading infections.

Five major recent threats are leaving us vulnerable to cybercrime and confirming that most organizations’ URL filtering isn’t providing adequate enough protection.

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Endpoint no longer cuts it [ Symantec ]

Symantec Endpoint Protection 12 leverages reputation-based state-of-the-art defense against all types of attacks for both physical and virtual systems. Seamlessly integrating essential security tools into a single, high performance agent with a single management console, Endpoint Protection 12 provides leading protection without compromising efficiency and productivity.

Unrivalled security:
Symantec Endpoint Protection 12 blocks new and unknown threats missed by traditional signature, heuristic, behavioral and HIPS-based security solutions. All of the product’s security engines are now reputation-enabled, leveraging Insight’s online reputation database to identify and block malware attacks. Symantec’s Insight has analyzed the anonymous software adoption patterns from more than 175 million customer computers to automatically derive highly accurate security ratings for more than 2.5 billion unique software files—Insight has ratings for virtually every software file-good or bad-in existence. [Read more…]