Mobile Devices Are Flooding The Office – Can You Rise Above It? [Cisco]

By 2015, more than 10 billion WIFI-enabled devices will enter the market. Many of them will find their way into office buildings, changing employee habits and the way we work, as more and more users depend on tablets, smartphones and similar machines for a variety of daily personal and professional tasks. And as these devices become ubiquitous at work, more employees are expecting full network access, even on non-corporate devices.

Remember your first security policy? Good stuff on, bad stuff off. But these days, in our new mobile consumerized BYOD world, defining good and bad has become really difficult. And the one or two policies of yore have become five, ten and more. Plus, forget about just defining these policies, you now need to enforce them as well. Now there’s compliance and proving your network, flooded with these new devices, is actually still secure.

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