How the 80/20 Rule and Watson Applies to Your Mysterious Clients

You’ve probably heard of the famous Pareto Principle, otherwise known as the 80/20 rule. The principle, quite simply, is that in many domains of life, 80% of the outcomes come from 20% of the causes. Applied to business, roughly 20% of your clients, your best clients, power 80% of your business. [Read more…]

Analyzing the Analytics Hype

The tech world is filled with buzzwords and hype. While these phrases can be meaningful or helpful, they aren’t always.

This is true of “analytics.” It’s also true of its sibling terms “predictive analytics” and “business intelligence.” [Read more…]

IBM Study Reveals How Top Executives Use Big Data

If you’re a company establishing a data strategy, it’s not enough to say “let’s use analytics” or “let’s incorporate AI.” There are countless applications for big data and analytics, both good and bad. And there’s a nearly infinite number of ways you can incorporate them into your organization. The biggest hurdle is knowing where to start. [Read more…]