Bringing Retail Technology to the Wholesale Sector


Wildkamp, a leading technical wholesaler in the Netherlands, has launched Zebra Self-Scanning technology.

Wildkamp aimed to:

  • Replicate the successful retail model
  • Cut queues at peak times
  • Enhance the shopping experience
  • Have a flexible solution, which could also be used by its store staff to assist customers, check stocks, and manage reordering and inventory runs [Read more…]

How MHE Equipment Has Transformed the Modern Forklift

How MHE equipment has transformed the modern forklift

When it comes to the digital transformation of warehouse operations, perhaps no other piece of equipment demonstrates the technological advancements made in the industry better than forklifts.

Now, it may not seem the most obvious thing to point to when looking for how technology has impacted the supply chain.

But, in reality, forklifts have perhaps undergone one of the biggest transformations from a simple piece of equipment – totally reliant on a user and only used to move heavy items – to essentially mobile offices.

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On Top of its Game With Zebra Technologies


VfL Bochum, a second-division German football club, is one of the oldest established sports organisations in the world. However, that doesn’t mean it’s traditional in all senses of the word. It wants the latest technology to support its operational efficiency, which is why it has deployed a range of ZXP Series printers, including the latest Series 7 printer, and associated cards and ribbons, as well as TC70 Touch Computers from Zebra Technologies.

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