Take Back Your Desktop with a Slim Desktop Power Center

Bring power and charging to the work surface while also reducing clutter? Sound too good to be true? We think not.

Here at C2G, we appreciate convenience in everyday products. We strive to bring innovative solutions that enable our customers to focus on what’s important to them. Searching for outlets under or around your tables and work surfaces may not be the most ideal way to spend your time – and we get that. With the Wiremold® Slim Desktop Power Center, you can beat the under-desk-crawl and plug in right at your desk surface or edge. [Read more…]

New Infrastructure Hardware Must Support the ‘Age of Digital Buildings’

We are now fully in the age of digital buildings. Building systems can now be networked together using a single common – or connected – infrastructure, which allows devices and systems to talk directly to each other and make needed adjustments without any direct human interaction. This means that every strategy deployed within a new build or a retrofit must do two things: 1. enable edge computing; and 2. allow for the next wave of broader connectivity. [Read more…]

Are Your Industrial Printers up to the Job?

One of the implications of industrial IoT is that businesses have to take a look at legacy technical assets and make an honest judgment about their long-term value. The prospect probably won’t be hugely appealing, but before you can move forward, you need to know where you are.

Much has changed in industrial printing, and if you only chose your devices on technical specifications, they can be a drain both on valuable resources and enterprise productivity. [Read more…]