Are Your File-Sharing Users Breaking the Law?

Are your file-sharing users breaking the law?

People love the simplicity of services like Dropbox. So much so, they often go around IT to use them for accessing work files remotely. For many, it feels like no IT-provisioned solution is good enough when that option is a offered through a painfully slow and clunky VPN.

As you know, this situation poses enormous risks for business. IT loses control, a third-party is responsible for security and uptime, and worst of all, your employee might be breaking the law, exposing you to hefty regulatory fines, depending on your sector’s compliancy issues.

Novell’s Filr is one way many organizations are delivering a modern solution that delivers the flexibility end-users want, while providing IT with the governance they need. And there are big differences between consumer-grade SaaS like Dropbox, and Novell’s Filr offering.

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