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90% of organizations leverage cloud computing. There’s a good chance that your organization is either in the process of migrating or actively using the cloud.

Over the last decade, cloud computing has become a popular mainstream solution. For good reason. Cloud computing has accelerated decision-making processes as business units can start new apps or services quickly. It offers new and exciting ways for organizations to connect with clients. It has fundamentally changed the way organizations operate. [Read more…]

Five Essential Things About Box – Webinar Recap

Five Essential Things About Box - Webinar Recap

Softchoice recently hosted the webinar, “Getting to Know Box: 5 Essential Things You Want to Know.” Brian Clendenin, Enterprise Sales Lead at Box, and Trevor Kyle, our Box Specialist at Softchoice, walked clients through some of the unique capabilities of Box, demonstrating its leadership in the enterprise content collaboration market.

Here is a quick recap of the main highlights:
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3 ways you’ve been underestimating Box

3 ways you've been underestimating Box

The last few years have seen businesses bombarded with various cloud-based storage and sharing solutions. It’s come to a point where many free file sharing providers offer nearly-identical services – with little to no real differentiation between them.

What has been lost in this relentless pursuit of cloud-based collaboration is the universal accessibility, functionality and security required by organizations for large-scale adoption.

It just so happens that those are the core tenets of Box. In this article, we highlight three of the most surprising ways Box delivers as a true collaboration platform, beyond simple file sharing.

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