Webinar Summary: Defense In Depth for Office 365


In today’s security environment, email deserves serious attention. Ninety-one percent of cyber attacks arrive via links or attachments in emails. Eighty-five percent of companies have already fallen victim. [Read more…]

Why Symantec calls Backup Exec 3600 R3 their fastest appliance

Symantec 3600 R3 fastest appliance

Symantec has quietly released the third generation of their backup appliance called the 3600R3. Symantec has long held the spot of industry leader for backup software. Find out why some clients prefer to simplify their security with a more reliable hardware appliance instead.
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Relieve storage pains from MS Exchange & Sharepoint [NetApp]

NetApp FAS2000: A new storage system to help mid-sized businesses rein in their Exchange and SharePoint infrastructure.

There’s little doubt that applications like Microsoft® Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint have made it easier and more affordable for businesses large, mid and small to better connect, collaborate and compete.

But it isn’t all a bed of roses, of course – the server and storage infrastructure for Windows® environments that midsized companies in particular have evolved over time is often less efficient than it could be, with servers and software licenses underutilized, infrastructure administration inefficient and reassigning free capacity to other uses difficult, to say the least. All this sprawl and waste is a big reason why growing midsize businesses – those with less than 1,000 PCs – have begun implementing server and storage virtualization in a big way.

New tools to transform bottlenecks into business growth.

The move to virtualized storage is why many of those same midsize companies are turning to NetApp’s simple and affordable storage solutions. By combining NetApp’s innovative unified storage and data management offerings with virtualized servers and desktops, IT pros are finally being given the tools they need to transform a potential Windows IT environment bottleneck into a competitive asset that can more ably promote business growth.

In particular, NetApp’s latest FAS2000 series offers up a more powerful platform to help manage Exchange and SharePoint server and application sprawl than other systems in its class. NetApp FAS2000 helps IT make smart decisions about managing resources, time and money by offering:

  1.  Powerful storage that fits any budget – truly unified systems start at under $7,500 and data protocols are included at no additional cost
  2. Simplicity that makes the most of limited resources – including rapid deployment within minutes from an easy-to-use interface
  3. Flexibility to adapt to the growing needs of your business – like the ability to upgrade while using the same OS and software tools.

Plus, you don’t need to be a storage expert to deploy and manage NetApp storage systems. The NetApp FAS2000 series provides an impressive [Read more…]