Trends 2018: Doing Time for Cybercrime

EternalBlue Exploit Still Popular

It’s been a year since the WannaCryptor.D ransomware (aka WannaCry and WCrypt) caused one of the largest cyber-disruptions the world has ever seen. And while the threat itself is no longer wreaking havoc around the world, the exploit that enabled the outbreak, known as EternalBlue, is still threatening unpatched and unprotected systems. And as ESET’s telemetry data shows, its popularity has been growing over the past few months and a recent spike even surpassed the greatest peaks from 2017. [Read more…]

Inside Fake Interac Transfer and Tax Refund SMS phishing

It all starts innocently enough – as always – with an SMS message containing a link to a page that looks like the Canada Revenue Agency, but is, in fact, a form that sends all the information entered to a malicious fraudster.

We have investigated several such phishing attempts and have found that this is not the first attempt at this type of scam by this gang: it seems that they have been active since early 2017. [Read more…]