Dell World 2014: The 4 most notable data center announcements

Dell World 2014: The 4 most notable announcements

From Nov 5th – 7th 2014 I attended Dell World 2014 held in Austin, TX. Outside of the fact Michael Dell is well known for loving 80s music (2013 was Billy Idol, this year Duran Duran headlined a night that open with Weezer), Dell also made number of revolutionary Enterprise announcements at the event and I’d like to take you through 4 of the most notable:

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Dell Announces A Little Brother To Compellent


Earlier this week I had the opportunity to attend Dell’s User Forum held in Hollywood, Florida. They had a few exciting announcements at the event, however I took a keen interest in the announcement of their new Storage Platform called the Dell Storage SC4020[Read more…]