Client management software saves money, eases the pain of routine management [Symantec]

Most IT people who deal with desktops spend much of their time doing drudge work. Jobs like tracking software licenses and assets, and making sure systems have the latest patches aren’t difficult, but they can eat up an inordinate amount of time and money and turn administrators into zombies. This is why support and maintenance costs represent nearly 80 percent of the cost of owning a client system.

One way to reclaim that time is by deploying Symantec Client Management Suite (CMS). This suite tracks what’s happening on enterprise desktops and makes it easy to make changes, install new software, keep control of licenses, and help with a host of other jobs.

A CMS solution, like Symantec’s Client Management Suite, does these tasks and many others through a central web-based interface.

One of the most important jobs the Symantec CMS manages is simply to keep track of all your hardware and software. The basis of managing all your enterprise clients is [Read more…]