3 Compelling Reasons to Move Email Infrastructure to the Cloud

3 Reasons to Move Your Email Infrastructure to the Cloud

There is no form of communication more prevalent in business than email. Which is why it’s surprising to discover how many organizations fail to employ every possible strategy to protect their email infrastructure from catastrophic failure. With Spear Phishing attacks (and other types of threats) happening regularly, and at a rapid pace, there has never been a better time to embrace a secure cloud-based platform for protecting and archiving your corporate email and data.

Which is where Mimecast comes in.

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The 3 Biggest Threats to Digital Security In the Years Ahead [Sophos]

The 3 Biggest Threats to Digital Security in the years ahead

Defending against cyber-attacks from every direction demands a solid line of defense.

As the availability of commercial tools makes launching cyber-attacks easier than ever, cyber-criminals are getting bolder. The result, of course, is that protecting your organization’s endpoints, data, email, web, servers and mobile devices is becoming a lot more complicated.

Three big areas pose the greatest threats to security – and the greatest opportunities – in the years ahead:

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