5 ways HPE SimpliVity will transform your data center (get the eBook too!)

5 Ways HPE SimpliVity Improves Productivity and Reduces Cost


How to best deal with ever-expanding data centers continues to be a major concern for IT.  The challenge for IT teams to keep up in today’s fast-paced environment is daunting, to say the least.

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Managing a virtualized environment to achieve agility, flexibility and availability, without losing control, requires solutions designed specifically for dynamic virtualized and cloud environments. Virtualization and cloud management solutions provide increased levels of automation and policy-based service assurance at every layer of a modern IT architecture. This automated, intelligent, policy-driven management is an intrinsic part of introducing high service levels to the business, while keeping costs and complexity under control.

With the move to cloud computing challenges such as expanding virtualized infrastructure, virtual servers and the complexity of virtualized applications, are always on the rise.  Traditional tools and processes designed for siloed, static physical infrastructures don’t provide the automation and control needed to effectively manage highly virtualized and private cloud environments.

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