The truth about Cisco Software Enterprise Agreements

The truth about Cisco Enterprise Agreements

CIOs and IT managers face many challenges when it comes to software licensing. And it’s no secret that this struggle results in unsatisfactory outcomes for IT operations, budget and resource management.

If you have a baseline of 1,000 knowledge workers and are still buying Cisco software licenses ‘à la carte’ read on to learn how Cisco’s Enterprise Agreement (EA) will dramatically reduce your licensing and support costs.

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Boosting Student Achievement With 21st Century Digital Tools [Adobe]

The Adobe K-12 Enterprise Agreement (EA) minimizes costs and complexity and maximizes investments in new technology.

Whether it’s through Career and Technical Education programs or by introducing them across the curriculum, 21st century communication tools are finding their way into more and more classrooms. That’s great news for teachers, administrators and other education leaders searching for ways to inspire passion in their students, make school more relevant, impactful and engaging, and provide them with the skills necessary to continue learning and start their real-world careers on a solid footing.

Recognizing the impact that Adobe technology solutions have on learning, Adobe has introduced its K-12 Enterprise Agreement (EA). The Adobe K-12 EA is a three-year term-based licensing program that helps school districts minimize the cost and complexity of providing Adobe software and maximizes the investment across an entire district.

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