New Pricing Options Make AutoCAD 2016 More Affordable

New Pricing Options Make AutoCAD 2016 More Affordable

Today, leasing vehicles is a fairly common practice for businesses. Beyond getting a shiny new car or truck every few years, it also means they avoid spending tens of thousands of dollars upfront, containing costs to a manageable monthly fee.

The same thing is happening with software. Software-as-a-service (SaaS) allows companies to apply a similar model buying software – no more hefty upfront costs for the application, or support contracts. Autodesk has been offering this alternative for about a year and has just expanded its range of benefits, including a multi-year desktop subscription option.

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Take design – and productivity – further with AutoCAD 2012 [Autodesk]

When it comes to upgrading software, a lot of IT budgets are still in limbo. But there’s at least one exception worth making if your organization is in the business of building, civil engineering, manufacturing or plant design – and looking for major productivity gains.

Autodesk’s newest CAD software program AutoCAD® 2012 – one of the world’s leading 2D and 3D design tools – offers powerful, flexible and improved features and tools for conceptual design, model documentation and reality capture that can help your engineers and designers design and shape the world around them and maximize [Read more…]