A Unified Front Against the Threat of Data Overgrowth [IBM]

The explosive growth in data and increased complexity are some of the biggest challenges in storage management today. But the old ways of buying and managing storage no longer cut it. Resource constraints from physical storage resources to human resources make it even more vital for organizations to optimize and simplify their infrastructure. Unaddressed and unchecked, data growth will only become a bigger problem over time.

In addition, small and midsize organizations are suffering from a range of other challenges:

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Spoonful of sugar: Forge helps the disaster recovery medicine go down [Novell]

No phrase can accelerate the heart rate of a network administrator the way that “Disaster Recovery” can. The new business landscape now includes big data concerns, a rapidly expanding array of consumer devices and data sources and an infinite bouillabaisse of hardware and software solutions that complicate the task of protection and recovery. Couple this with the increasing importance of eliminating production interruptions, workload corruption and unnecessary downtime, and the task of implementing a reliable data recovery management solution has never been more vital . As the guardian of your organization’s critical data, the ease and sophistication of your DR solution requires close consideration.

According to Gartner, there are four main concerns at the top of the list when evaluating DR solutions.

  • Recovery testing/exercise costs
  • Change skew, or the consistency between current production data and applications and their state at the time of recovery
  • Initial recovery configuration complexity
  • Testing scope, or how best to determine what should take place when and how often.

The Advisor took a closer look at Platespin Forge and discovered some noteworthy features to this ample DR solution.

All in One Place

When it comes to DR must-haves, recovering quickly and efficiently with simplicity is at the top of the list. PlateSpin Forge offers a consolidated disaster recovery platform in a single self-contained appliance that allows for the protection and recovery of multiple physical and virtual workloads with no duplicate hardware or redundant operating system licenses. It even integrates with existing storage area networks, and works with high transaction workloads. Both its file-based replication and high-speed block-level replication allow for incremental transfers that ensure that only changes to source data files are replicated, which shortens backup windows and lowers storage requirements. . PlateSpin Forge helps to reduce recovery configuration complexity, getting you back to work faster.

This is a Test…

When was the last time you were able to test your DR solution? Are you even confident that it will work? Sadly, testing is often overlooked or put aside, because it takes so much time for both setup and execution, and because of the disruption to production workloads. Experts recommend DR testing at least every 6-12 months at a minimum. PlateSpin Forge enables easy testing to evaluate the integrity of your replication and recovery plan. A snapshot of the recovery workload is powered up in a “fenced off” private internal network, requiring no disruption to the active production workload.

….And immediate alerts when it’s not.

Response time is critical when it comes to DR. Recent statistics on costs related to disaster recovery show that a data center outage can cost an average of up to $5600 per minute and that more than $26 billion dollars was lost by businesses last year alone due to IT downtime. PlateSpin Forge provides automatic email alerts in the event of production server downtime or disasters. Notification messages include context-sensitive actions (with clickable links embedded for immediate action). With PlateSpin Forge, you can manage, monitor and report on all aspects of your workload protection, with a web-based interface and easy-to-use dashboard, to view the status of your protection at all times.

Make the Grade

Do you know what the proof of performance is on your current DR solution? PlateSpin Forge offers rich reporting features on how protection resources are being used. Protection logs demonstrate successful replication with auditing capabilities as well as reports on actual vs target recovery time.

Make it Easy

Flexible restore options are a tremendous advantage when trying to recover data. With PlateSpin Forge, not only can you recover protected workloads on an individual basis, you also have the ability to select multiple recovery points and roll workloads back to any of a number of available recovery states. PlateSpin Forge also provides hardware independent restore capabilities, eliminating worry about whether the new replacement hardware is the same make/and or model.

Contact a specialist at Softchoice today to find out more about how Platespin Forge can help ease the complexity and pain of DR management and help the medicine of recovery go down.


One console does it all – and cuts admin time by up to 90% [HP]

From management of arrays to multi-site replication and automatic disaster recover, managing your storage environment can be complex enough. But leading utility storage provider HP 3PAR just made it astoundingly simpler – and not just for cloud service providers, but for large and mid-size enterprises too.

Now one console does it all, including:

If you’ve spent weeks doing this in the past, you probably won’t believe it but it really is easy. In fact, you can manage your entire storage environment from a single window – including remote replication to 3PAR’s disaster recover site – with the latest version of the HP 3PAR Management Console. Designed to deliver greater simplicity, usability and visibility, it offers a single screen with a dashboard view of all your connected HP 3PAR systems regardless of model, as well as graphical charts and tables representing important system data and remote replication configuration. Everything you need to provision, manage, optimize and protect your utility storage deployment is right at your fingertips. [Read more…]