Missed out on Adobe MAX? Here’s what you need to know

Adobe Max 2017

Creatives who want to keep up with what’s new and essential in their field go to Adobe MAX. Adobe wowed attendees in Las Vegas in October with their Creative Cloud suite, featuring improvements to flagship products and new cutting-edge tools. Built to address the main challenges facing creatives—collaboration and mobility—this next generation software allows users to capture, organize, search, and share seamlessly, from anywhere with a connection.

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New Pricing Options Make AutoCAD 2016 More Affordable

New Pricing Options Make AutoCAD 2016 More Affordable

Today, leasing vehicles is a fairly common practice for businesses. Beyond getting a shiny new car or truck every few years, it also means they avoid spending tens of thousands of dollars upfront, containing costs to a manageable monthly fee.

The same thing is happening with software. Software-as-a-service (SaaS) allows companies to apply a similar model buying software – no more hefty upfront costs for the application, or support contracts. Autodesk has been offering this alternative for about a year and has just expanded its range of benefits, including a multi-year desktop subscription option.

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Big changes for Creative Suite Licensing [Adobe]

It used to be that you could upgrade your Adobe Creative Suite software from three versions back. So if you had Adobe CS2, you could get Adobe CS5 for the cost of an upgrade, which is a lot less than the full license.

This is going to change.

When Creative Suite 6 rolls out, only organizations with CS5 or higher will be eligible for upgrade pricing, all other versions will require new CS6 licenses.

If you’re organization has earlier versions of Creative Suite, there’s a way to save money and enjoy the benefits of having the most up-to-date version.

Right now Adobe and Softchoice are offering a discount on CS5.5 upgrades from versions as early as CS2 until December 31, 2011. Upgrading now will entitle your organization to upgrade pricing when Creative Suite 6 is released. It will save you 60% off the cost of buying new licenses in the future. [Read more…]