Rugged devices save money and help field workers reach their true potential [Free Guide!]

Dell Rugged devices save money and help field workers reach their full potential

A device failure in a mission-critical situation will deal a large blow to your team’s progress. It will compromise their safety in hazardous environments. It will also impact team morale and efficiency. In this article, we explain why you cannot afford to equip your mobile teams with common laptops and tablets.

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Enable a Mobile Workforce With The Dell Latitude 7380

Dell Latitude 7380

I recently quit my job. It was a Director role, where I singlehandedly brought in one of the largest sales my department had seen in years. Plus, I was making great money for my age.

I loved the team I managed and was gaining the respect from the agency’s 200+ clients. I experienced both personal and career growth. But believe it or not, one of the aspects of my role that I hated, and contributed to my decision to leave, was the inability to work outside of the office. It wasn’t a mobile friendly environment.
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Infographic: 5 things we love about Windows 10

Many people in the industry are touting Windows 10 as not just an operating system, but a new vision for how the world relates to technology.  That peaked our interest, so we scoured through hundreds of resources and had a number of team member’s user test the system. Here is a snapshot of the best advancements!  If you are looking for a more comprehensive perspective from the Microsoft experts at Softchoice, download our business guide “Should your business upgrade to Windows 10?” 

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