Tip Of The Databerg: 80% Of Your Data Is Unknown Or Redundant [Video]

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Anyone who’s sailed the North Atlantic in winter or spring knows how massive icebergs can be. Yet about 90% of their mass is underwater. The same thing can be said about an organizational databerg.

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Too much data? Rethink storage with Symantec NetBackup

If you’re like many organizations, you’re seeing the amount of data you deal with grow at unprecedented rates. While this may be true, it doesn’t mean you need more of the same old solutions to manage it.

In fact, in order to overcome this enormous challenge, organizations need to re-invent the way they look at data in order to succeed, stay compliant and remain productive in this new era of information-overload.

Read on to learn more about these new perspectives, and how Symantec’s Veritas solutions reduce the complexity of data protection.

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Protect Office 365 data like it’s in your own data center with EMC

Protect Office 365 data like it’s in your own data center

Like many businesses, you’ve embraced Office 365 because it offers enhanced management, productivity and significant cost savings. And even though you’re not managing the infrastructure, you still need to carefully protect your data stored in the cloud.

A solution has arrived that provides Office 365 admins a comprehensive data backup solution for Office 365 data, in a way that’s fast, easy and flawless.

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