Don’t Let Social Media Data Spook You


The internet is teeming with valuable market data.

It’s where consumers go to share their thoughts, feelings, and opinions about the products they love – or hate. Unfortunately, a lot of actionable data is buried under piles and piles of useless information. When it comes to harnessing that social data, the challenge is separating the treasure from the trash.

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How to Rein in Your Data in 3 Steps


You want all the advantages that come with being a data-driven business.

You recognize that data is the lifeblood of a company’s competitive advantage. The Economist now calls it the world’s most valuable natural resource. Data helps you to better serve customers, pinpoint where to cut costs, identify risks and opportunities.

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6 Tips for Increasing the Portability of Your Hybrid Cloud Security Strategy

hybrid cloud security intel security

Security should be a high priority in any scenario, however, and strategies for hybrid cloud environments must take into account the potential for frequent movement of data between public clouds as well as between public and private clouds. Here are six factors to consider to ensure that your security strategy is portable across all services and service providers.

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