How to Secure the Cloud with Symantec O3

How to Secure the Cloud with Symantec O3

A recent blog post by Softchoice security expert Stephen Perciballi outlines the challenges faced by organizations that use third-party services to store their data. He points out that while it’s not unusual for companies to spend thousands, or even millions of dollars securing their corporate data center, a single critical file saved by an employee to a less-than-secure consumer Cloud solution circumvents it all.

IT managers are well aware of this risk and worry about hackers getting hold of user login credentials, and the potential for viruses, Trojans and malware to infiltrate sensitive corporate information. In the worst-case scenario, these propagate right up to the server level in a DDoS attack – to bring it all down.

The fact is users enjoy the collaboration and productivity third-party Cloud SaaS apps provide. And all they need is a credit card to access an app like Yammer from the office, cottage, or coffee shop. This puts IT Managers in a bit of a quandary. Do they take the unpopular but safe approach and block Cloud SaaS apps altogether? And is that even possible? Or, do they accept these changing times – and a changing workforce – and work with users to make access to third party Cloud SaaS apps secure?

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Easily manage data protection and recovery in virtual environments [IBM]

data reduce virtual environment

“Virtualized servers,” STORAGE Magazine reported in its December 2010 issue, “have been a boon to the systems side of the house, but a bane for storage managers.”

That’s because, while virtualization has transformed the way data centres and remote offices are managed, reducing floor space, driving up utilization metrics, and enabling new levels of service management and operational flexibility, the one measure that has not been reduced is the amount of data that’s created and managed. It continues to grow and grow and grow. [Read more…]

Want an iPad? Need security? You can have it all with the new iOS. [Apple]

For many decades in the world of personal computing, there’s been  that slice of the user population that has constantly had to defend it’s weapon of choice. Such is the plight of the Mac and the Mac User. Fear, uncertainty, doubt – all familiar foes in the discussion of PC vs. Mac, all laid to rest the moment anyone takes the time to understand the Apple computer and the Mac OS. 

Despite it’s enormous success as one of the most sought-after technology on the planet, the iPad is also faced with the demons of misinformation, particularly in the Enterprise. The number one myth surrounding the use of the iPad and other iOS devices in business is the perceived “lack of security”. [Read more…]