Bust Your Top 3 Worst Data Quality Habits [IBM]

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Data Quality becomes an increasingly critical part of your business as you rely more and more on it to make important, accurate business decisions. However, humans are the ones inputting this data, and its inevitable that we make mistakes. These mistakes happen, but a habit of small mistakes over a long period of time causes bigger consequences down the road when a large chunk of your data is innacurate.

Like what? According to IBM and TechTarget “Added together, all of those little data quality problems can cause big issues in business processes and result in significant losses of both money and employee productivity.” Yikes. Read on to discover your worst data quality habits and how to get rid of them.

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Top 3 worst data quality process errors and how to fix them [IBM]

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In our previous post Bust your top 3 worst data quality habits we discussed the dirtiest data quality habits and how to bust them. All of those errors lead to the need for a clean process to be put in place. But even those are often flawed! Ack! How do you get this right? Gartner analyst Lyn Robinson puts it nicely “A business that can’t produce useful information is like an airplane that can’t fly. How useful is that?”

In this blog post, we summarize our IBM and TechTarget article “Data Quality Process Needs All Hands on Deck” to pick out and fix the top 3 worst data quality process errors. You can break the habits, but can you maintain the process?

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