Storage Magazine’s 2011 Backup Hardware Product Of The Year [Quantum]

With the onset of virtualization and its increasing adoption, companies face the challenge of overhauling the infrastructure that supports their virtual environment. Amidst the chaos and change, have you thought about how this affects your data protection solution?

When it comes to data protection, the goal always remains the same: ensure backup and restore capabilities holistically for all server instances as well as a structure for individual recovery. Paired with a virtualization strategy, the challenge of virtualizing your existing environments shifts to the challenge of virtualizing your existing environments while keeping the interoperability of the disaster recovery solution you already have.

It doesn’t have to be complex if you stick to these bottom lines with vmPRO 4000, Storage Magazine’s backup hardware product of the year (2011). [Read more…]

Tivoli Storage Manager: Unified recovery management and advanced data protection [IBM]

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager helps protect data assets through a single point of control.

Increasingly stringent compliance demands. Growing complexity of storage infrastructures. Data growth at an unprecedented rate. IT staff budgets in a permafreeze. It’s all liable to give storage administrators more than their fair share of gray hairs, headaches and sleepless nights.

But it’s not all bad news. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager can help businesses manage and protect their data assets by delivering a single point of control and administration for most of their storage management needs. In fact, Tivoli Storage Manager delivers centralized, web-based administration and intelligent data move-and-store techniques to help ease storage management. The product scales from small to very large installations, and supports more than 50 operating system versions and hundreds of devices. It also facilitates a multitude of connections, including internet, WANs, LANs and SANs.

What are you doing to address data growth head on? [Read more…]