How an APC Battery Can Significantly Cut Your TCO

When you’re making a technology purchase decision, thinking about Return on Investment (ROI) can help you and others consider whether the solution is worthy of the budget. But that’s not the only time when ROI is useful. It is important to challenge yourself to look beyond just the initial spend and consider the ROI based on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to help you make more accurate projections of costs and benefits the next time you make a purchase. Accurate TCO-based ROI calculations help you build trust among those controlling the purse strings and ultimately make your case for future technology funding stronger. [Read more…]

Edge Resilience Is Resilience for the Whole IT Environment

As edge computing deployments get underway, organizations need to make their edge computing sites resilient. As the saying goes, “you’re only as good as your weakest link,” so if edge computing locations are allowed to be the weakest link in a multi-location environment, the entire network surely will suffer.

You can’t have a truly resilient IT deployment without resilience at these edge computing sites. So organizations have to harden these sites with best-in-class technology as they do at centralized and regional data centers. Organizations need redundancy, security and management control designed to prevent downtime. [Read more…]

How to Pick Out the Right UPS for Your Home or Business

The increase in the frequency of lightning and thunderstorms means that power problems pose a growing threat to equipment and data within businesses and home offices. Many livelihoods depend on a constant supply of electrical power. Even a temporary stoppage of power can lead to chaos, loss of data, and business interruption. Preparing for the storm season does not need to be expensive or complicated; a wide range of affordable Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions provide equipment with safe, reliable power, protecting investments and data. [Read more…]