What “Digital Transformation” Means Today

Like many IT leaders, you’ve been pursuing digital transformation – perhaps for years.  

 But what does “digital transformation” mean?  

Like many before it, the phrase has taken on the reputation of a buzzword, a popular term that eludes a specific definition As Softchoice VP of Innovation Craig McQueen writes in his recent article “Digital Transformation: Why Now?” (published on CMS Wire and reproduced in part below), the idea of digital transformation isn’t exactly new 

However, two new factors will shape the concept in the 2020s: 

  • The rise of widely available public cloud infrastructure means game-changing technology is no longer exclusive to the big enterprise 
  • Meanwhile, vast improvements in the ease and sophistication of data collection, processing and analysis make once-futuristic concepts like AI and machine learning much easier to achieve. 

How will these developments change the way we think about “digital transformation” in the years to come? We go deeper in the article below:   

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All the data for all the people (Microsoft Power BI webinar summary)

Microsoft Power BI webinar summary

From automated recommendations of what books to read, what credit card to get and what new musicians you will like, intelligent analytics are already embedded into our everyday lives.

It’s usually big digital business, with big budgets that deliver these intelligent interactions. But times have changed, and the business intelligence (BI) market has undergone a major democratization with the cloud. New tools and technologies are now open to companies of all sizes, across all industries. And with that comes the ability generate more revenues, make better decisions, and amaze your customers.

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Why 2013 Was the Worst for Data Breaches (and How to Protect Yourself Now)

Why 2013 Was the Worst for Data Breaches (and How to Protect Yourself Now)

With 2013 being the worst year in history for data breaches, the fact that companies need to find data storage solutions that work cannot be understated.

Data is arguably one of a modern organization’s most valuable assets. The trick is the process of analyzing, backing up, and archiving is daunting and time-consuming. To further complicate the issue, spreading your sensitive data across multiple programs and services multiplies the risk of that data being compromised.

CommVault Simpana 10 is designed from the ground up to provide a single global platform for users to access all conventional methods of data protection and retention – in one place.

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