How to Decide if Your Organization is Apple-Ready

Macs are invading the enterprise … whether you’re ready or not.

While many organizations traditionally discourage the use of Apple products due to perceptions of higher costs and incompatibilities with the Windows architecture, many feel the tide has turned. In fact, according to Forrester, almost 50% of North American and Western European businesses now issue Macs to their employees.

One of the key drivers of this trend is the consumerization of IT, something Apple’s largely been credited with starting. One doesn’t need to go further than your own office to see this trend in action. Walk down a hallway or visit the lunchroom, and you’ll see people using their own iPhones and iPads to do work. The question you need to ask is – how ready is your business for this consumerization trend? [Read more…]

Moving Fast On Workforce Mobility [Citrix]

How IT is embracing consumerization, BYO and workshifting.

Mobility – the freedom for employees to work when and where they want – is increasingly the focus for organizations trying to increase productivity for their workforce through consumerization, BYO and workshifting. But enabling worker mobility requires more than just remote access capabilities. IT must optimize the mobility environment to deliver a superior worker experience and diligence in information governance. But what does all that really mean?

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