Logitech: A Consumer Approach to Enterprise Video


It’s an established fact that video collaboration is fast becoming commonplace in the enterprise.

But, traditional video conferencing requires users to struggle with complex and expensive video endpoints. Technical issues abound due to complicated vendor integrations and counterintuitive UIs. [Read more…]

Elite x3: Could a Phone Replace Your Work PC?

HP Elite X3

How App Virtualization Makes This Possible

Two years ago, Wired Magazine predicted the smartphone could replace the PC as your only computing device. Could this prediction now be coming true, even in a work context? [Read more…]

OS X for Business: New On-Demand Webinar Series from Apple

OS X for Business: New On-Demand Webinar Series from Apple

This is a very exciting time in Apple history! Not only are they dominating in the consumer market – they’re also making great strides in the business world. With more consumers now using Apple products in their personal lives, it only makes sense they want to use them in the office as well. Just like the iPhone ushered in a new era of mobile productivity in the enterprise, many believe the Apple Watch will change how wearables are viewed in business too.

Thanks to BYOD programs in the workplace, it’s been easy for IT to gain experience with Apple devices, without making the investment in new hardware.

[Read more…]