Considering upgrading to Windows 10? Three reasons you should buy new hardware instead.


time to upgrade

If you’re unsure about whether to update your operating system (OS) to Windows 10 or just buy a new computer, you are in good company. For months our Softchoice team has been fielding questions like “Is my hardware capable of making the leap to Windows 10?” and “Am I better off just investing in new hardware now?” Sound familiar? Here are three reasons you should buy new.
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Taking a fresh look at standardization in a BYOD world [Lenovo]

There’s a new reality out there – and by “out there” we mean inside your organization. Just take a look around your boardroom tables, your hallways and cafeteria, your employees’ desks, even in your data center itself – smartphones, tablets and laptops are everywhere and, more often than not, they’re not yours.

The consumerization of IT and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomena have swept the business world – 97% of employers, in fact, are letting employees access corporate data on their own devices (and not just devices, but applications and servers too). While this shift has freed employees from the office and the confines of the cubicle, enabling them to work more productively anywhere and anytime, it’s also come with huge challenges and questions for IT to grapple with, particularly in the areas of security and privacy. For instance: [Read more…]

Unsung hero: Why the storage behind your virtual desktop matters [Dell]

What would Sherlock Holmes be without Watson? Captain Kirk without Spock? Fred without Barney? The same can be said about desktop virtualization. Why? it turns out that virtual desktops technology isn’t worth a hill of beans without the proper storage infrastructure supporting it in the background.

Organizations making the shift to a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) want to ensure implementations don’t get bogged down in inadequate performance, a poor user experience, costly deployments or complex management. It turns out reliable storage is a core component of an efficient VDI environment and choosing the right storage solution is a key pillar in your VDI deployment’s success.

The top three features to look for in your VDI storage sidekick include: [Read more…]