Video collaboration: a vision for driving the next big wave [Cisco]

It’s a startling number to fathom but this is where we’re headed: 90% of internet traffic will be in video form by 2013. Think about it. That’s a ton of YouTube views, a whole lot of Cisco TelePresence and WebEx meetings, scads of Skype chats, and heaps of online TV and movies.

How did we get here? Well, video communication and collaboration is where we’ve been headed for a while – as businesses and as consumers – even if we didn’t quite know it ten or 20 years ago. A picture, it’s said, is worth a thousand words. That’s because, at our core, we’re visual creatures – we respond better and retain more when we see rather than read words on a page or on a screen.

But it’s still taken some time for the technology to catch up to where we wanted to be. So we emailed and texted and tweeted and called (remember landlines?) because that’s what the technology and bandwidth capacity allowed. If video killed the radio star back in the 1980s, you might say a new kind of video did a bang-up job of slowing down network capacity throughout the 2000s. [Read more…]

A virtualization platform to meet daily expectations & long-term needs. [ Cisco ]

Stop for a minute. That’s probably one of the last things you or your IT environment can afford to do right now. But stop and consider, big picture, even for just an instant how profoundly virtualization is changing our workspace environment and how quickly. Workers – a good 25% of them in a typical enterprise, in fact – are no longer chained to desks in a central office. They work from airport lounges, homes, hotel rooms, in their cars and on public transit. A lot of this mobility has been made possible by mobile devices and other enterprise applications and collaboration tools you’ve likely implemented or are in the process of implementing in your environment.

But those tools and technologies are also creating newer challenges, greater demands and increased expectations from your workforce and decision makers, including: [Read more…]