3 Surprising Ways the Mac Improves Enterprise Collaboration

3 Surprising Ways the Mac Improves Enterprise Collaboration

Gone are the days where employees blindly accept their corporate-issued PC. A Forrester report stated that many high-ranking employees prefer the Mac®, as “most of the Macs today are being freewheeled into the office by executives, top sales reps, and other workaholics.” This motivation goes beyond just wanting a pretty new machine, too. The report also suggests these Mac users are more productive than PC users – and earning 44% more money.

What does this have to do with IT? By not supporting the Mac – or doing the bare minimum to support them – you’re making life difficult for your executives and top performers.

Fortunately, things are changing, and it’s getting vastly easier to integrate the Mac into your environment so everyone benefits from a seamless collaboration experience.

We’ve found that there are three major surprises in store for our clients as we guide them through this process of integration.

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QuickGuide: How End-User Adoption Makes or Breaks your UC Project [Cisco]

QuickGuide: How end-user adoption makes or breaks your UC project [Cisco]

Companies who jump into implementing a collaboration solution get so bogged down with project specs, purchasing and implementation concerns that they forget the most important factor: end-user adoption.

Hans Hwang, VP of Advanced Services at Cisco says “…the high cost of low adoption really kicks [in] when under-adoption stops collaboration-enabled strategic initiatives in their tracks.” Basically, when you invest in a large collaboration implementation and users are slow to adopt the new capabilities, that ROI meeting may turn into an awkward conversation. How do you ensure your users will adopt the new tools, taking your collaboration project from awkward ROI meeting to celebrating success?

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5 Ways Adobe’s Bold Move with Creative Cloud Impacts Your Organization [UPDATED]


**Updated July2014: Adobe Releases Creative Cloud 2014**

**Updated March 21st, 2014: Important changes to CS6 have been announced**

In December 2012, Adobe introduced Creative Cloud for Teams – its first foray into cloud-based subscription to license its creative suite of products.

This week Adobe announced it’s done with boxed software and is betting big on SaaS – and a future entirely in the cloud. Moving forward, Creative Suite and Creative Cloud for Teams will be known simply as Creative Cloud.

If you’ve invested in any previous version of Creative Suite, you’ll need to understand how Adobe’s Creative Cloud model affects licensing and support moving forward.

While it’s early days and we’re still gathering the facts and reactions (check back here regularly for updates), here are the top 5 points our team has already identified that will impact on your organization.
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