Lease, Rent, or RideShare? Azure Consumption Models Explained

Lease, Rent, or Ride Share?

Azure public cloud services are among the most important we deliver. But no two Azure customers are alike.  Each comes to us with specific motivations for adopting public cloud.

Some want to lower costs. Others want to enable innovation and competitive advantage. [Read more…]

Licensing evolution: Is it time to rethink the EA?

Making Enterprise Tech as Easy as ConsumerIf you’re like most organizations, your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) is one of your largest IT expenses. It has likely served you well for years (or decades), providing discounts for standardizing on Microsoft.

But IT environments have evolved and — with the shift to the cloud, and the lifecycle of software solutions and new features — licensing has become more and more complex. Innovation doesn’t occur in three-year cycles. So, it’s time to ask, is an EA still right for you? [Read more…]

Predicting the Unpredictable: The vCloud Air Network

Predicting the Unpredictable: The vCloud Air Network

Learn about a solution that eliminates the zombie hardware or Virtual Machine (VM) underutilization that is eating up space, power, cooling, and software licensing in your data center right now.

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